Teen Fashion Workshop – 3 days

Age 13 to 17 years old

Level:BeginnerMaterials included:Yes
Price: £240

This 3-day course covers sewing, drawing and design.

Day 1 covers all the basics of learning to sew to get started making simple clothes, cushions, bags, etc. You’ll learn how to use a sewing machine and a wide range of sewing skills. You will make lots of sewing samples as well as a zippered purse.

Day 2 you’ll learn how to draw the body in proportion, create fashion figure templates and develop a set of fashion figure poses. It also covers how to draw faces, hair, and garment details such as pleats, gathers, frills and fold. You can round off the session by producing a simple illustration of your own.

Day 3 You will first choose a topic as a sources of inspiration and a target customer to design for. Using lots of visual imagery to inspire you will develop your design ideas through sketching and drawing to create a range of fashion outfits. Then, using figure templates you developed in day 2 you will draw out the range as a line- up of your designs with colour and fabric suggestions.