Kris Deighton

Courses: Professional Sewing Skills 1, 2,3 and 4. Pattern Cutting Skills 1,2,3,4

Kris’s Story: Kris was an absolute beginner when he joined us. He took many courses with us over a period of time. He wanted to gain as much technical knowledge as possible so that he could work in the fashion industry. He joined all the stages of the Professional Sewing Skills and Pattern Cutting courses. He then continued to practice at home. One of his first main projects was to design, cut and make his sister’s and her wife’s wedding dress as well as the mother of the brides’ outfits.

What are they doing now? After honing his skills Kris then worked with a new emerging couture fashion label called Haus of Rå. Kris drafted all the patterns and sewed the entire 11-piece sample collection for the label. In 2016 the first collection was premiered at Fashions Finest catwalk show and then 6 pieces were entered into Britain’s Top Designer competition. The collection came an impressive 3rd in the competition. Watch this space… Next year they’re planning on winning!
Kris continues to his talents pattern cutting and sewing for designers within the industry.

Kris says: “It’s been a really hard work but it’s been phenomenal, and something I would never have dreamed possible if not for the training I received through Fashion Antidote. Thank you all so much!”