Ebowo Akin-Ojo

Courses: Professional Garment Construction Week Intensive, Professional Pattern Cutting Week Intensive, Fabric Knowledge, Fashion Drawing and Illustration.

Ebowo’s Story: Ebowo is one of the many ladies that have chosen to visit us in London from their home country, in Ebowo’s case, she travelled from Lagos, Nigeria, to join us to learn as much as possible in a short time. This meant the 1 Week intensives worked well for her, and she joined us on 4 weeks of intense fashion skill tuition.

Where are they now? Ebowo took all this knowledge back to Lagos, where she has built and set up her own factory, providing work for the local community and realising her dream.

Ebowo says: “My time at Fashion Antidote was highly beneficial, and every day was well worth it. Susan and the team were truly helpful, and the instructors went beyond tutoring to discuss my future plans. Many thanks to all the staff.”