Fashion Antidote Blog - Student Success StoriesWe get a variety of people through our doors at Fashion Antidote, all with different goals and expectations.  Many independent designers and brands would like to improve their practices in a specific area to benefit their overall goals, especially if they are self-taught or have trained outside of fashion design.

Some designers find that their drawing skills can hold them back professionally or can restrict their design process as they cannot express their ideas truly on paper.  This can result in ideas being lost or unnecessary time being wasted with manufacturers due to a lack of understanding when conveying their ideas visually.

One student that wanted to improve her drawing skills was Alex Morris.  Alex is the Founder and Designer of Glomad, a luxury resort and beachwear brand inspired by the island of Ibiza.  Glomad’s sense of fun and adventure is conveyed in the distinctive prints and illustrious fabric with a focus on and attention to detail as you can see in some of the designers work below.

Fashion Antidote Blog - Student Success Stories

Alex came to us to complete our Fashion Drawing Evening Course with the goal of developing her visual communication skills.  Previous training had given Alex some sketching experience but she wanted to improve on this within a fashion environment in order to communicate design ideas more effectively.

Fashion Antidote Blog - Student Success Stories

We caught up with Alex and asked her a couple of questions to understand what made her come to us in the first place and what skills she gained while she was with us.

  • Firstly, tell us a little bit about your design background?
    At the beginning of my career I had the good fortune to work for some iconic brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Agent Provocateur and De Beers Louis Vuitton in a PR / Marketing capacity.  It was in these exceptional environments that my passion for fashion design grew.  I then went on to run a luxury interior design business before returning to my first love which was fashion.
  • What made you decide to take a course in fashion drawing and illustration?
    I had learnt basic sketching for interior design at a summer course at St. Martin’s but wanted to improve my fashion sketching so that I was able to put my ideas down on paper more effectively.
  • How do your drawing skills help in your everyday design process?
    It’s much easier to express and communicate ideas.
  • Would you recommend other designers to develop their drawing skills?
    Yes I would highly recommend the course, due to the small size of the course you will receive a lot of personal attention. The teacher was a good communicator and highly skilled at fashion drawing and illustration. I also found the course to be fantastic value.

It’s great to hear that the skills Alex learnt with us has improved her practice and we can’t wait to see what Glomad will achieve in the future.

If like Alex, you are a Designer who is looking to improve or develop your drawing skills we have a variety of classes running regularly.  Our courses will teach you a mixture of fashion drawing and illustration techniques.  You will become familiar with a range of drawing material to enable you to undertake fashion drawing with confidence.  You will learn how to use a variety of different media to draw the fashion figure, draw the body and face in proportion and render garment details and textile simulation.