Fashion Business Classes


We run our Fashion Business classes to complement our practical skill based courses. They are full of essential information on how to set up and run a fashion business covering business start-up information as well as more individual advice and guidance personalised for each student.

These classes cover the structure of the fashion industry, the various levels of the market, the seasons and the fashion calendar. You will learn how to identify your target customer and the competition. The classes cover how to source fabrics, processors and manufacturers as well as the sampling and production process. It will inform you about branding, costing your product as well as marketing and the buying and selling process for wholesale and retail. You will explore your business idea, carry out research and develop a business plan.

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This workshop is aimed at those with an idea for a fashion business and want feedback on their idea and advise on where to start.

This course is aimed at those who have completed Stage 1 or who have a definite idea for a fashion business and can bring their research along with them to the sessions.