Pattern Cutting for Skirts2021-01-06T18:11:52+00:00
PROFESSIONAL SEWING Stage 1 – Learn to Sew, Make a Skirt, Make a Dress2021-01-06T18:09:37+00:00
SEWING FOR KIDS – Learn to Sew and Make a Tote Bag for Kids2021-01-06T18:04:18+00:00
CLASSES FOR KIDS – Fashion Drawing and Design for Kids2021-01-06T18:07:02+00:00
CLASSES FOR TEENAGERS – Fashion Design for Teens – 1 day2020-12-15T06:45:42+00:00
CLASSES FOR TEENAGERS – Fashion Drawing for Teens – 1 day2020-12-15T06:44:26+00:00
CLASSES FOR TEENAGERS – Learn to Sew for Teens – 1 Day Intensive2020-12-15T06:43:07+00:00
Teen Fashion Workshop – 3 days2020-12-15T06:41:04+00:00
Classes for Teenagers – Customising and Up-Cycling Workshop for Teens2020-12-15T06:39:15+00:00
Pattern Cutting for Trousers2020-12-09T17:41:23+00:00