What we learnt from the Techstyler X BOTTLETOP Speaker Series with creatives behind The Fabricant and @shudu.gram


Technology is really starting to push through into the fashion industry more than ever in the recent year; online avatars becoming one of the freshest innovations across our Instagram feeds. With avatars such as Shudu becoming the world’s first digital supermodel to the likes of Lil Wavi, using his digital ability to show off wild streetwear fits all over the world. 3D design is becoming an integral part of fashion and Monday evening sparked our excitement for the future a whole lot more as the Fashion Antidote team went to listen to the talented creatives behind both Shudu and The Fabricant in a panel discussion at Bottletop on Regent Street.


Before discussions even began, Bottletop store wowed us – a perfect space to introduce the forthcoming discussions – as a fashion brand established in 2002 supporting artisans in Africa and local health education projects, Bottletop is championing the essential force towards sustainable fashion and business.
As the panel began their discussions, they touched on a broad range of topics surrounding 3D design and CGI avatars. One of our favourites however was of course discussions on sustainability where Co-founder of The Fabricant, Amber
Jae, opened our eyes to the positive impacts of 3D fashion design. Fast fashion is so unbelievably present in the current environment with fashion brands taking less interest in the quality of the garments and production and instead focusing on speed and low cut costs. Of course, one of the biggest impacts this has is on our environment – fabric wastage at its highest!

However Amber brought a fresh and positive take on things explaining how technology could actually be the key component in combatting this issue. 3D design has opened up a window and what Amber has demonstrated through her own work, both her graduate collection and then her further work with The Fabricant, is that designing garments through 3D design saves on material and the consequent waste.

The panel highlighted that technology was still a slow burner and needed to advance that bit more first before the world could benefit but their excitement surrounding its possibilities was inspiring and in the long run, 3D design could be a major breakthrough for the fashion industry and the environment on a whole.

We certainly came away with heads full of inspiration and excitement! Get involved!

This panel talk was set up by Brooke Roberts-Islam at Techstyler as part of a speaker series. To get involved and join in on discussions surrounding this revolution, head over to http:// techstyler.fashion to check out what’s up next! Maybe we could catch you at their next talk!