Pattern Cutting 1-Week Intensive

“I was delighted with the course I attended at Fashion Antidote (1week intensive skirt and bodice block) and have already recommended you to several of my friends.  What a lovely tutor!  She was clear and concise and I got just the information I wanted from her.  I will certainly be back to attend the Trouser, Jacket and Shirt courses in the future.  
Thank you for a wonderful learning experience.”

Dianne Whyte

Professional Sewing Skills 1-Week Intensive

"I was amazed by how much I learnt on the 1-week course. As someone who had never used a sewing machine below, I wasn't expecting to be able to make such a professional looking dress by the end.  I am really happy with how much I learnt and when I wear my dress no-one can tell it's homemade! The teaching was really thorough, with lots of individual help and a wide range of techniques covered. I'm looking forward to my new hobby and making more garments - I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who wants to try something new or gain some additional sewing skills!"
Sarah Santhosham

Teen Course

We loved it!!  The teacher was fantastic.   We're definitely wanting to come again next year.   My daughter (who's never shown any inclination to sew) wants to do more now, so it was a great success. Thanks very much!

Professional Sewing Skills and Pattern Cutting

I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to take the courses and allowing me to fund it through the organisation that supported me. I have learnt so much and developed far quicker than I imagined I would have. I am confident to try patterns and sew again and it's hugely fulfilling ... Thank you.
Jennifer Noah

Learn to Sew

Just wanted to say Thank you very much for an amazing course! I really was enjoying every single minute spend there and you indeed could share with us your love to sewing. Looking forward to see which courses in the future I will take and let you know as soon as I have decision made.

Pattern Cutting for Shirts and Trousers

Learnt so much in just 1 week! I thoroughly enjoyed the 1-week intensive Pattern Cutting course and learnt so much more than what the courses description described!! The course was so efficient and I feel my Pattern Cutting skills have developed dramatically. Can’t wait to take part in another course this year.

2 Day week end Learn to Sew

I recently took part in the Learn to Sew weekend class at Fashion Antidote and it was fantastic! I learnt so much, and feel much more capable with my own sewing skills. The staff were lovely. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn the basic of sewing! My class was small which meant I got great 1 to 1 help from the tutor.

Pattern Cutting for Skirts and Bodice/Dresses - 1-week intensive class

Intensive and instructive - and friendly Personal tuition in a small group meant that this course covered a huge amount of ground without losing us on the way. The tuition was professional and friendly, with the tutors sharing practical, personal experience as well as instruction. Attendees ranged from amateurs wanting to learn to those wanting to make a business in fashion; the mix worked well. I will definitely take further courses from Fashion Antidote.

Pattern Cutting for Skirts and Bodice/Dresses - 1-week intensive class

Inspiring pattern-cutting course. I learnt so much! Opened a new door to creativity. I enjoyed this course immensely. It IS intensive - it covered a lot of ground in a week, but I feel that I now have the tools to be able to experiment confidently creating patterns from an idea, as well as altering those I already own. I look forward to attending further courses - Fashion Antidote is very friendly and personal. All very inspiring!
Angela Akehurst 

Pattern Cutting for Skirts and Bodice/Dresses - 1-week intensive class

A challenging, stimulating week of dressmaking. I enjoyed the week's course immensely. I learned so many new techniques and now have to put them into practise. I made my own block for a skirt and bodice and now understand how to use them in a variety of ways. Susan and Serafina were excellent teachers. All equipment was provided and I have since invested in my own sewing tools which proved invaluable on the course. I would recommend Fashion Antidote to all aspiring dressmakers. I intend signing up for further courses in the future.
Christine McNaughton

Make a Simple Dress

Just made myself a perfectly fitting dress-  Can't believe how much I learned in just one day.
Kate Shurety 

Stage 1 and 2 Pattern Cutting

I have just finished the course: Stage 1 & 2 Pattern cutting for skirt, bodice and sleeves. Teacher was amazing and there was no time to be wasted. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish I would have known the course earlier.
Thank you so much:)

Sunhee Ogden 

Professional Sewing Skills 1-week Intensive

I just wanted to send you an email to say that I really enjoyed the course I went on. I learnt a lot more than I thought was possible to do in a week as a complete beginner and I love the dress I made. Karine was a really great instructor!
Sarah Santhosham

Learn to Sew 1-day Intensive

Thank you for all your help and patience today! I had a really great day and gained lots of skills. Fantastic set up overall. I will be back!
Beth Thompson

Learn to Sew 1-day Intensive

Thank you for a great session on Saturday. I learned so much!  Thank you.

Learn to Sew

It was very good. I just have positive comments about it. I would definitely choose your school to carry on learning more details about sewing.
Inma Garcia-Carrasco

Learn to Sew evening course

I absolutely love it- was going to wait a few weeks to get a machine but think I'll purchase one over the weekend instead :) See you next week!

How to Sew Stretch Fabrics and make a T shirt

Seraphina was fantastic, I learned quite a lot of new things on the course. This was a surprise given I've sewn before, and a testament to what a great teacher she is.

Learn to Sew evening course

I was there this evening and it was very nice.... very inspiring I must say... so I'm tempted to become a fan....

Learn to Sew 1-day Intensive

I loved introduction to sewing course, I bought a sewing machine 2 years ago tried it a couple of times, then it just sat there gathering dust!
That's all changed. I thought the course was really well paced. The teacher was very clear and patient but also great at keeping everything moving. I've already recommended this to loads of people who want a jump start. The fact that you do intense courses at weekends is brilliant too. Thanks.


Design a Collection for a Target Customer

I liked the environment and the course content. Super useful and inspiring!
Sara Wishart

Design a collection for a target customer

It’s been a great experience. Enjoyed learning at Fashion Antidote!
Junaid Khan

Pattern Cutting and Garment Construction –Summer School

Initially I chose Fashion Antidote because of the locality, however once having attended a taster I felt that the course tutor was absolutely fantastic and hence expanded my repertoire of basic sewing skills.
Saiqa Mughai

Shirt and Trouser Making Skills

I thoroughly enjoyed both courses (Shirt and Trouser Making: Professional 
Skills) I found them very useful and I learned a great deal in a short space of time. The teacher clearly has huge experience; her instruction was very good and appeared to be pitched at the right level for each student, each of whom was working at a different pace.
I chose Fashion Antidote because I could not otherwise find short courses to fill the gaps in my knowledge, at a level of professionalism and cost I felt comfortable with.

Hamish Mackay

How to Take Body Measurements

I really enjoyed the class. Being a complete beginner it was good to have a small group so plenty of time from the tutor to dedicated to each of us. The teacher made a fantastic and relaxing atmosphere. I felt comfortable and welcome. I would definitely would like to attend to other courses.

Learn to Sew 1-day Intensive

I attended your 'one-day intensive sewing' class about a month ago and I just wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic introduction to sewing. I had NEVER touched a sewing machine before.  The day course covered all the basics and imparted just the right amount of information without overwhelming.  I went out and bought a basic sewing machine the week after the course and am now making home-made accessories, which are selling really well from my shop/workshop.  I never imagined I could do so much after just one day of learning - I certainly couldn't have done it without attending your course first!
Natasha Notley

Learn to Sew 1-day Intensive

The teacher is very professional, knowledgeable and excellent teacher!  Thank you for a wonderfully productive day – learn to sew.
Annie Tay

How to Stretch Fabrics

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this course. The teacher was really good, very experienced and knows very well how to teach. The course was very well organized and we all had just the right time to use the machines. I felt very motivated during and after the course.
I finished my leggings and went home wearing them :) 
Thank you!

Professional Sewing Skills, Pattern Cutting and Fashion Design

How are you all? It’s been months since I finished my courses at your school and I have to say it was a wonderful experience and I met some wonderful people including you and the team of teachers.  I miss you ladies a lot. Just thought to send an email to say hello. I have opened my fashion outfit where we make clothes for clients one on one. I started in December and it is going well.
Thank you once again for everything. I appreciate it. God bless you.

Eva Bude in Nigeria

Illustrator course

I took this course today with Michelle. It was brilliant and Michelle is a fantastic tutor. Thank you - I picked up some great transferable skills.
Gina Rushin

Make a Simple Shirt

We had a great day yesterday for the basic shirt making, the teacher was very good and proactive, and thanks for staying a bit longer for us to finish our first shirt.... I will recommend it to friends to take the course.  I would now like to do the evening for Shirt Making Skills.
Harry A. Molina

Fashion Design

First of all I would love to thank you for your amazing school! I had my first class with the most amazing teacher I'm really not exaggerating! Thanks a lot again!

Fashion Drawing and Illustration

The teacher was great & I so enjoyed it. She was really supportive, and I would like to carry on doing the courses with her. She gave great advice as well as supporting the practical side. I would like to do an additional class, as I think we had a nice group which was absolutely brilliant.
Jacqueline Budd

Fashion Drawing and Design

I chose Fashion Antidote because the dates and times were more flexible and the prices are affordable. It has been very helpful; I started off a complete beginner and now have more confidence to sew, draw and design.
Eva Obude

Learn to Sew

I wanted to write and say thank you for running such a brilliantly practical and helpful course. You shared so many useful tips with us all, I really felt I'd learned a lot by the end of the 2 days. I have bought myself some calico and zips, and will be having a practice. Thanks for taking the time to share your skills and knowledge with us. I have already recommended the course to a few friends.

Pattern Cutting

I just wanted to get in touch and tell you how much I enjoyed the introduction to pattern cutting course at the weekend. I learned so much, and am really excited about now being able to use my blocks and get sewing! The teacher did an amazing job, so please pass on my thanks to her also.

Learn to Sew

I loved to come to your class every week. It was really fun and showed me the way to go.

Learn to Sew and Make a Skirt

I attended a fantastic, 2-day fashion course at Fashion Antidote School which taught me how to use a sewing machine and make a simple skirt. My teacher was wonderful, patient and inspirational.

Learn to Sew

Just wanted to say thanks for yesterday's excellent class. I already had some sewing experience but it was very useful to recap the basics and I learnt how to do stuff properly rather than my makeshift methods! I also found your hints and tips really helpful. Thanks again!

Learn to Sew

Firstly can I say how much I enjoyed the Learn to Sew course. I have been terrified about taking my machine back out of the cupboard and the class gave me the confidence to get it all going! My first project is at home partly completed! Thanks again!

Fashion Design - Design A Collection for A Target Customer

Attended the 'Design a Collection for a Target Customer', really impressed, lots of help to bring out the best in your creativity. If you want to learn anything about Fashion this is the place to come!
Heidi Anne Grant

Lean to Sew

Your class was so good, creative and fun. I regret its end but I will continue to make garments wherever I am.

1 to 1

Thank you so much for all your help and enthusiasm this year, especially in my final project. I really enjoyed all your lessons you’re a really great teacher. It’s was great fun. I really appreciate all the help you gave me to get into London College of Fashion.

1 to 1

I just want to say a big, big thank you for everything you taught me. You were the only reason I didn’t quit college a long time ago.

1 to 1

Thank you so much for everything, you really changed my life.

1 to 1

I want to say thank you from my heart for all I have learnt in your courses. I really enjoyed your way of teaching and you were doing that very well.

Professional Sewing Skills and Pattern Cutting

I've had the most amazing experience with you! Thank you for inspiring & teaching in the manner that you do. It was most rewarding to spent time with highly skilled enthusiastic lecturers that know the secrets to pattern design, garment construction & tailoring. I sure will miss the guidance. So fantastic to think I've made dresses, designed my ideas, and put action into all of my own creativity. I'm in love with my ability to make my own patterns & clothes. The course was fantastic, business or personal, it serves such a good scope for anyone that is passionate and driven!
I'll be back Fashion Antidote...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Professional Sewing Skills and Pattern Cutting

A big thank you for the Garment Construction and Pattern Cutting courses. I learnt so much and you both made it so fun and easy to understand. I also made new friends along the way, which is as important as making all those wonderful items in the courses. Nina, you have the patience of a saint when you explained anything to us, and that is a quality in itself. You both gave us valuable information which no books can ever give. The level of teaching is at professional level, and much better than going to any colleges to learn these subjects. This is down to you, Susan and your staff. I thank you again for a memorable experience at Fashion Antidote.

Professional Sewing Skills and Pattern Cutting

Thank you so very much for a genuinely fantastic and enjoyable time at Fashion Antidote, it has been one of my biggest investments and I am just sorry I didn't do it years ago!!! You are both stars. I got far more than I expected- the teacher was an absolute credit to the company, above and beyond. I have learnt more from these courses than my 4 years in university, seventy thousand internships and three years as a professional in the industry! :) the teacher was unbelievably attentive and it was hugely inspiring to be taught by someone with so much knowledge and a creative eye. I am massively grateful towards Susan for being so helpful and communicative when providing information and giving me flexibility on doing these courses, I really hope to be back for more courses and will definitely keep in touch. Thank you so much.

Learn to Sew

Just a quick note to say ' thank you' for the great learn to sew weekend. I was very impressed with both the level and style of instruction. However, I also found the course inspiring on a different (non sewing) level thanks to you sharing your vision and ideas for your business in a very relaxed and informal way. I have for some time been thinking about starting my own business at some point and it is motivating to see such entrepreneurial spirit in action. No doubt you will see me on another of your courses in the not too distant future particularly as, as expected, I did order my first ever machine this morning! Thanks again!

Teen Fashion Design

Just a quick note to say thanks you so much for running the course yesterday. My daughter Lauren thoroughly enjoyed it and says she is far more confident going forward with her designs thanks to the course. We will definitely be looking to see if you have any other suitable day courses running.
Tania Dear